Thursday Thoughts ~ Release

Lately, this word…release…has been coming up more and more. So many of us are bogged down by the weight of all of the stuff that we’re carrying around from the past. It is so important to recognize that which doesn’t serve us for good any longer and release it. Forgiveness is a big part of it. Forgiveness doesn’t mean that we are giving a stamp of approval, and it doesn’t mean that we have to continue to associate with people who are unhealthy in our lives. It means releasing the thoughts and feelings inside ourselves which will eat us alive. It means recognizing that each person is here to learn their own lessons and to hopefully grow into their best selves. It also means forgiving ourselves for our part in the lesson…to not feel like a failure…to let go of the feelings of guilt which come with letting go of someone.

Releasing things, feelings, and people isn’t giving up. When we know in our hearts that to hold on is harmful, letting go is the best thing that we can do for everyone involved. Sometimes letting go is the only way to continue in our own growth. Sometimes letting go of people is the way to help them to continue in their growth, because we are no longer there permitting them to hurt us any longer, and maybe they will begin to think about their actions. Sometimes they won’t, but that is no reflection on us.

It is especially important to let go of anything which causes us to start changing in ways that we don’t feel good about. It can be a job that makes us dread getting up in the mornings and developing a negative attitude. It can be a habit which we know is harming our bodies. It can be a friendship in which the scales of mutual affection becomes unbalanced, with the give and take absent. It can be a romantic relationship in which we find ourselves acting in ways which we are ashamed of, because the other person is doing things or treating us in a manner which is unacceptable to us. When we begin to see ourselves acting or feeling in ways which we know aren’t healthy, that is our cue that something needs to be released, no matter how much we might wish that we could hang on or that things will change.

Holding on to unhealthiness dims our light and is so very harmful to every aspect of our being. Release, no matter how difficult it can be at times, can be one of our greatest acts of love.


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