Another Rainy Day in Paradise

Thought I’d share a few photos with you today. A few of them are from a few nights ago…when it just started storming out of nowhere a little after midnight. The rest are from today. I apologize for the window screens in these shots but frankly I’m too lazy to go out and stand in the downpour. As you can see in the photos though, the roof outside my living room window is starting to resemble a small lake.

Rain rain go away 001

This isn't the best shot, but I really like the bubble effect of the water.

This isn’t the best shot, but I really like the bubble effect of the water.

Rain rain go away 008

Rain rain go away 009

Rain rain go away 015


8 thoughts on “Another Rainy Day in Paradise

    • Yes, I do Jules 🙂 Ha…it needs to be something good to make me go out in it…well unless I get a wild hair and want to go play in it which does happen occasionally. Thanks on the bottles. I’ve had the clear crystal one since I was 16 years old…and that’s a while 😉

  1. Do you have access to that roof?! I hope it wasn’t leaking through the ceilings….flat roofs tend to do that. I love the first night pic of the rain and the lights!

    • I wish I did JoJo. Not allowed on that one, but am allowed onto the one at the very top of the building. Hopefully it didn’t leak anywhere. There were some major problems about a year or so ago but it seems that they have gotten it fixed. The floor below me was getting leaks all the time.

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