Thursday Thoughts ~ Why?

I’m sure that you find yourself asking this one word question often too. Why? One little word with so much impact, yet so few answers. I’ve asked this question many times over the years in various situations, both large scale and on an interpersonal level. We all have. We can ask it about big things like why there is so much violence and war. We can ask why it is so difficult to trust that people are what they portray themselves to be. Why does love fade? Why are people so cruel to one another? Why do people lie so much?

These situations are universal and know no borders or boundaries. The truth is that the answer to all of these questions are as unique as the particular circumstances and people that we ask them about. It is impossible for us to figure out the motivation for the actions, or inaction of most people. Sometimes it is difficult to know for sure why we do some of the things that we do ourselves. So, what are we to think of the eternal question of why?

There might not be an answer to our questions, but that doesn’t mean that we should stop asking. As long as we are still asking, at least we can rest assured that our internal compass is still working…that our capacity to feel is still there. As painful as it can be sometimes to look upon and experience all of the difficult things which happen and the emotions that go with all of it, the alternatives aren’t so hot as far as I am concerned.

We can either continue to question and feel, become numb and lose our compassion, or worst of all we could decide to “get even” by doing to others what we have had done to us. As much as it has plagued me to have so few answers, when I think about the alternatives to wondering…

Wondering why doesn’t seem so bad after all.

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts ~ Why?

  1. Yes….’why’….there seem to be so few answers to that simple query sometimes. I have a Facebook friend who just lost her son and reading between the lines of her posts, it sounds as though it was suicide. My heart breaks at her pain-filled statuses, asking why and her frustration at not being able to get an answer to that.

  2. I ask this question so much that I made a mixed media piece out of the word! Those who never ask why will never have answers and those who do not seek answers can only go stale. 🙂 A beautiful piece, Tracy.

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