Blue Iris In Progress

I almost took the day off from art, but since this is the first week that I have it scheduled…so that I don’t have to whine about not having time to do it…I didn’t let myself off that easily. I’ve been posting photos of the squares that I’ve been prepping. Today, I began the bloom on one of them. It’s almost finished, except for a little detailing but it needed some drying time. Below are a few photos of how it looks so far.

Blue Iris Progress 006


4 thoughts on “Blue Iris In Progress

  1. Came out great Tracy! For some reason your blog posts all showed up on my dashboard a few minutes ago instead of the days they were posted by you, hence the delay in my comments!

    • Thanks JoJo! That’s weird. I’ve noticed that there are some weird lags sometimes for people who use blogger that follow me. It’s been that way since I switched. Glad to see you!

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