Thursday Thoughts ~ Justifying

We all do it. Our minds have a way of giving us the justifications we need to do the things we want to do, or sometimes to survive in situations until we can find a way out. These lies which we convince ourselves are true range from the inconsequential to the life altering.

Here are some examples:

*I’ll eat this chocolate and then skip breakfast or exercise longer tomorrow.

*They didn’t mean what they said, it has just been a bad day for them and I really was sort of stupid to do that.

*I really want that makeup but am short on money. I’ll just take it. What’s one little lipstick going to hurt a big store like this? They gouge people every day with their prices.

I’ve made some justifications in my own life that are real doozies. I’ve also beat myself up over them. Recently I’ve decided to stop punishing myself and just live. This doesn’t mean that I’m giving myself permission to go out and be as bad as I want to in all circumstances. What it does mean is that I am stopping the self judgement.

I know that it might seem weird, but this post is really about acceptance, love, and forgiveness of self and others. What we do in our lives isn’t always going to make sense, but trying to find justification for everything keeps us stuck in cycles of blame and denial. When we are in those cycles, we tend to stay in the same situations. Sometimes we’re going to choose to do things which we know would earn the disapproval of someone else, or even things which we don’t quite feel right about.

What do you think would happen if we just admitted to ourselves that we are doing something either because we want to or we feel as though we have to instead of justifying it?







4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts ~ Justifying

  1. I have been going through exactly this same thing, Tracy. I have decided to do things from now on because I WANT to and because I think it’s a good idea and to stop analysing what people may think, yaddah, yaddah, blah. There’s always someone you are going to annoy or displease but if what you are doing isn’t hurting anyone then I’ve learnt that it is their problem not mine. Life’s too short. Let’s kick self judgement up the arse!

    • My dear Jules…I’ve noticed by the watching of your short vids…which I love by the way. Good for you. I couldn’t agree more with what you said about it being the other person’s problem if it isn’t hurting them. Kicking self judgement up the arse? My boots are ready 😉

  2. I agree with what you said. I just do what I want to do….my justifications aren’t hurtful (like the chocolate example) anyway. But unfortunately I am dealing with people who are mad at me for not inviting them to my wedding, and another who is mad b/c I unfriended her (when we weren’t that close to begin with), and yet another who blocked me b/c I don’t share her animal posts like she demands her friends do. You just can’t please everyone.

    • You’re right JoJo…you can’t please everyone. That’s where the just doing what you want to do as long as it isn’t truly harmful to someone else comes in. I’m glad that you did your wedding your way. After all it was your wedding! Good for you for doing your own thing 🙂

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