Still Waiting

Still standing here waiting, heart open and full of love

Believing beyond reason that you’d come for me

Even though I’d done things I knew were wrong to be with you

Somehow I thought things would be different, that we stood a chance

When the time came that I didn’t have to be hidden away

Like the favorite shirt you’d never want anyone to see you wearing

No, my dear you didn’t exactly make promises, yet the fault isn’t all mine

For believing that there would be more for us

That we’d at least take the time to find out what it had all meant

Your words were a confusion of I love you’s and I want to be free’s

My heart wanted to believe in the I love you’s

My head wanted to believe that our passion would be enough

No matter how much pain you inflicted on me

With vague rejections which only a fool would see as possibility

I allowed myself to hope that you’d change your mind and see what I saw

What we both used to see during that stolen time late at night

In my mind I still saw us coming together gloriously in a Summer of bliss

Even as you crossed that boundary at the Georgia, Florida line

I was still standing here waiting, heart wide open and loving you

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