Thursday Thoughts ~ Prioritizing

I have rediscovered that I am the queen of too much. This time though, instead of getting discouraged and giving up for a while, as I’ve done in the past, I am going to take a closer look at what I love to do, what I want it all to mean, what direction I wish to go in, and what I need to do to move toward that. Do you also find yourself adding and adding, without letting go of anything?

I’m finding out that it just isn’t possible to live that way, nor does it make sense. What happens is that you find yourself stalled, and your creativity and passion get put on hold while you’re trying to figure out why you don’t have the time to fit it all in. So, it’s time for me to step back just a little and take a look at who I am today and not who I thought I wanted to be last year…or even last week.

Growth and change are part of the beauty of our journey. Every now and then we’ve got to clear the way for who we’ve grown to be. It’s easy to get stuck in the rut of trying to live out a vision from the past and neglecting to see ourselves and our dreams as they are…right now…right here…in this moment.

I’ll be here sifting, sorting, redefining, clarifying, and releasing. What prioritizing boils down to is moving the things up the list which make us feel alive, letting other things drop a level or two, and allowing others to completely fall from the list. How can we be fulfilled when we’re running over the top with things which are no longer relevant?

Does your list need a little work too?


6 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts ~ Prioritizing

  1. I understand completely. I’m looking at all the boxes I still need to unpack and wonder if I really need everything that’s in them. I want to better define who I am and where I want to go from here. In building a new life, I need to learn to let some of the old one go.

    • I can tell that you do Elvenmage. At least we know we aren’t alone. And from the looks of it, having this particular issue seems to mean being in good company. 🙂

  2. My WHOLE LIFE needs work, Tracy. SIGH, SIGH, SIGH. I often think about giving the lot up because I flit between so many things that I can’t give just one of them enough attention to do properly but then when I try that I feel shackled by one thing and crave the other. I have recently let go of my art and left it as something to do as a hobby when I feel like it. For my eyes only kinda thing. I like your piece, I relate to it well.

    • Sounds like we’re sort of in the same boat at the moment eh Jules? You worded that so well about feeling shackled when you try to give something up to be able to give something else proper attention. Guess we’ll just have to carry on being crazy 😀

  3. Hey I still have boxes unpacked from my move. I miss my books and vinyl records a lot. I just can’t see myself getting rid of them though. I know I’d regret it. I’ve been stalled out the past few weeks myself and under a lot of stress. I’m hoping that it is alleviated soon.

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