New Art~ Deva

This is my first piece on wood. I found this lovely piece of wood discarded several weeks ago and thought..yep, I have to paint something on that. Not sure if you can see in this photo or not, but there is some bark still attached on the left side, which made it even more interesting to me. I have kept looking at this piece of wood…picking it up…asking it what it was supposed to be…and finally got the answer a few days ago. I decided to go with a nature deva…with green tinted skin, purple hair, and all…leaning against a tree. I hope that you like Deva as much as I do. I’ll replace this picture with a better one later. Once again, my regular camera’s battery is dead.



4 thoughts on “New Art~ Deva

    • Aww thanks Jules! Wish you could have her. I think she’d like living with you 😀

      Yes, and now I see why you love using wood so much. Am going to be on the prowl for more wood to use. I do have an entire sheet of plywood behind my couch waiting for me to drag it out and get to work…as soon as the muse tells me what to put on it.

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