After the Storm

RosesUnder tattered clouds and shredded leaves
She surveyed the damage of the storm
Her heart lay fluttering weakly inside her chest
It could be an eternity before strength returned
When perhaps she could trust the whispers of her soul
To tell the truth instead of perpetuating the mythos
That this time would be different from the others
Perhaps someday her trust would be restored
But for now, she lay under the torn sky
Waiting for her faith in love to float back in
On a warm Summer wind rustling through
The canopy of willow tree and over her bed of moss
A magical breeze filled with heartfelt promises and
Fairy floss flavored kisses, stolen under twinkling stars
‘Till then her tears feed the stream which tumbles
Over pebbles worn smooth from an endless flow
Of lost loves and broken hearts, feeding the seas
From which the storm clouds arise to fall once more
As raindrops from which love’s roses bloom anew


4 thoughts on “After the Storm

    • Wow, thanks JoJo. I have a friend here who is a songwriter. She asked me a few months back to come up with something and I had forgotten about it. Maybe I’ll see what she can do with it.:)

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