Different Types Of Busy

Lately, it has felt as though I’ve barely had time to take a breath with all the stuff I’ve been doing. Thankfully it hasn’t all been sheer drudgery, but it has been really close to it. I got involved in a project which sounded great. In theory, it was good…in reality, it was eating up way too much time and energy. By the time I finished up for the day, I had no time or energy left for any of the things which make my soul sing…for the things which I consider to be my real job…even if I am just getting it going in earnest.

So, as it seems has been happening with so many things and relationships in my life lately, the project had to go. I’m getting geared up to dive back into my art and writing. For the time being though, I’m recuperating a little. I’ve run myself into the ground again. There are days, hell…weeks even…when it feels like I am saying goodbye to way more than should be necessary. What I know is that I just have to keep moving ahead…and more importantly…I have to keep showing up, for the right things.

In the near future I’ll be getting back to work with new projects, as well as getting my Etsy and Red Bubble stores up and running, as well as doing some work on the Weebly site. All of these things have been sitting there untouched and waiting for long enough. I’m more than looking forward to it…to being the right kind of busy.

10 thoughts on “Different Types Of Busy

  1. Don’t worry – sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day are there and you seem to go through a few months of not getting the things you want, done. It will pass. Making sure you’re alright is the key thing. Missed ya though!

    PS- I have moved…blog to – http://www.julessmith.co.uk/blog please add me x

    • You’re right about that Jules…there just aren’t. Thanks for the encouragement. Aww thanks, I’ve missed being around. Thanks for sticking around! Got the new blog added in my favorites. I might be a little dense here, but I couldn’t find a place to subscribe…is there one? Am assuming that the old blog is gone? xx

  2. Do tell me about this Red Bubble site! Is that something I should look into? I’ve decided not to return to Etsy but am thinking about Artfire.

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