It’s An Artful Kinda Day

Below are my current pieces. The seaweed one is now complete, and the other is still in progress. I think I know what I’m going to do with the one that I’m working on, but I’m not entirely sure yet. So far it is just a background done in watercolor with an acrylic wash over it. I am thinking of re-creating a version of this character to the left of the orb.

memorial day, seaweed, sunburst 021

I’m thinking of creating a woman to go to the left of the orb…like the one I posted from my art journal a few weeks ago. Link posted above.


4 thoughts on “It’s An Artful Kinda Day

  1. The seaweed is coming out great! You’ve done a fantastic job of capturing the water and the way it flutters with the water’s movement!

    • Thanks Jules! On the second piece, I admit to totally mucking it up because I thought it ‘needed’ something. I loved it but my monkey mind took over and convinced me that it would be boring to others. So, I have put gesso over the half that I screwed up and now need to gather my nerve and restore it to it’s former glory. That’ll teach me…gah! 😀

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