It has been a long while since I’ve written an actual words and thoughts sort of post here. It isn’t that I had lost my desire to write things with a point. There were just other things going on in my life. During the month of April, I was completely absorbed in writing poetry and doing art work. In addition, I was also discovering things about myself at a deep level. There was an opportunity to become involved with a talented group of people doing intuitive and oracle card readings. This is something which I felt was a dream come true, so I completely poured myself into developing those aspects of myself, doing some marketing, preparing for a large event, etc.

What I found out was that while I truly enjoy doing readings, it isn’t my passion. I found myself feeling increasingly mired down with the minutiae to the point that it seemed as though I had little if any time for anything else. So, I sat back and thought about what it was that I was doing and was surprised to discover that I truly missed writing, that I wanted to dive more deeply into the work on Sisters In The Shadows, and that I desired more time for developing my skills as an artist. After thinking about it long and hard, I made the decision to withdraw from the group and spend more time working on other things. Of course I will still do readings here and there if and when they pop up, but it just isn’t where I want my primary focus to be.

So, once more I find myself back at the drawing board in a way, but it feels good. Being a ‘professional’ psychic had been on my bucket list for quite some time, and even though I’ve discovered that it wasn’t quite what I expected, it feels great to cross something off the list. With every endeavor and discovery, I truly believe that I am one step closer to figuring out how to work with my passions as well as my capabilities and limits and turn it all into something that benefits both myself and others in one way or another. Why am I telling you all of this?

Because I wanted to share my recent experiences in the hope that it might help someone else to see how important it is to keep going…not to give up. I could let this latest discovery discourage me to the point that I give up, but I won’t. As long as I have breath in my body, I have another opportunity to change, to figure out what it is that I can do to succeed. This is what I wish for you too. That you keep on working on it. If you discover that something isn’t working…even if it’s something which you thought would be your dream come true…do not give up. Find something else. This can apply to a career, a hobby, and even a relationship. Sometimes it seems like it takes forever to find that dream situation, only to have it turn out to be completely different than you expected. It can be very hard to face the fact that it isn’t what you need in your life and let go because you had wanted it for so long. I get it, trust me. However, the alternative to facing the truth of the matter and being willing to get back out there and look again is a life of monotony at best, and misery at worst. I’m not telling you to go quit your job if it is your only way of surviving…that would be irresponsible…I’m just saying that you owe it to yourself to explore ways of making changes in your life which will be more fulfilling.

Are you in a situation now which has left you feeling like there is something missing or have you been through a reinvention process? I’d love to hear about it.

4 thoughts on “Reinvention

  1. Good post Tracy. I agree. I think you did a bloody excellent job of writing through April! Your poetry was astounding and even though that’s not like a ‘usual’ post it is still creative writing to the extreme. I think it is vitally important to go with your passions – I have 3 – writing, photography and art (when I have the time for the latter) Sometimes I think I should just concentration on one of them in order to excel but find i need to flit between all 3 in order to find balance. If only I could become a master and success in one….pull me a card will ya? 😉

    On a totally separate side note please note that I wish you to make friends with me on G+ – I had two but I’m shutting the Jules one down and keeping the other. Please add me back or I’ll cry.

    • Thanks Jules! I appreciate the compliment coming from a superstar like you. I know what you mean about needing to keep more than one iron in the fire to maintain sanity…I mean balance. Do you really wish for me to pull you a card? I will you know. Hmm I will see if I can find you on G+ because I never got an add request from you. We’ll get it figured out. I do want to add you and also do not want for you to cry. xx

  2. Well you already know my story of reinvention over the past few years…..since Russell swept me off my feet and brought me home. I just wish I could get over the fear I have of opening an online story for my crafts. They are stacking up here and I STILL haven’t made an effort to peddle them, out of the fear of rejection.

    • Yes I sure do JoJo and it is great how your life has changed for the better. You will be able to get past your fear someday. I just know it! So much of your stuff is really good and I wouldn’t tell you that if I didn’t mean it.

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