International Soul Art Day Ritual #1 Body Mapping

Body mapping was the first ritual of four for International Soul Art Day. For this first ritual, we were asked to connect with our bodies and think about areas which are working as well as areas which you would change if you could.

Below is a photo of my piece. On the left is what is working for me. I traced my hand and decorated it with designs and words. These are the things which I feel that I bring into being using my hands. On the right is what I would change if I could. I drew a back with lightening along the spine and a skull and crossbones at the base of the neck which represent pain and physical damage which I incurred in an automobile accident. The words over the shoulders and on the small of the back are what I wish could happen.

Before I post the photo I want to make a request of all of you. Please do not text while you drive! Texting while driving was responsible for the auto accident which changed my life…and no I wasn’t the one texting. I was at a stop light and was rear ended by the texter who wasn’t paying attention to the road. So please, let the texts wait until you are safely out of moving traffic…for everyone’s sake. I count my blessings to be alive as I very easily could not have been. Others haven’t been as fortunate. No text is worth someone’s life or causing someone to live in pain every single day. Just think about it. Thanks for listening.

Okay…on to the photo.

4 thoughts on “International Soul Art Day Ritual #1 Body Mapping

  1. You’ve done a great job with your art work and journaling! I need to get back into altered art. I do love it. It’s just hard to do w/o being able to spread out all my supplies to see what i have.

    • Thanks JoJo! I love altered art you can tell. Yes that can be difficult but then again you can just grab as many as you can spread out and just pick from them and then change things up for the next project? That’s what I do. 🙂

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