NaPoWriMo Day 29 ~ 20 Little Projects in One Poem

The prompt at NaPoWriMo today is to include all of the “Twenty Little Poetry Projects” by Jim Simmerman in one poem. I’m still under the weather with this cold and thought about going off in my own direction again today, but this is one of those challenges which I find irresistible.

The Winged Door

I opened the fluffy, feather edged door of my heart
And you glided right in with words zamboni smooth
There was no way to keep you out for I was mesmerized
By your haunting face, sultry voice, the warm sexy feel of your skin
Lips which taste like sweet nectar, and the way that you smell like the sun
The air of mystery around you is greater than any Poe himself could have weaved
As you skirted around the edges of reality you became my Walden
Even though at times your words are honed like daggers
Reminding me of how time and distance stand in the way
My heart and ears can never get enough of you
Like a masochistic squirrel with no teeth in a walnut tree
Your very presence causes me to become a fool
I could no more tell you to bite moose than I could become Queen of the Pleiades
The sparkly eyes of belief have shown me that it isn’t entirely impossible
Someday our ship will come in, sailing the currents of Foehn
And you will sweep through my open window like a seeker after the golden snitch
Declaring the need to be with your T at this very moment
Oh how T likes to hear your desires with her unabashed ears
Your eyes tell me that you love me even though your voice isn’t ready to
Il mio cuore sa, yes, my heart knows of your love
Just as my pen knows best how to speak my innermost thoughts
The feathered threshold flutters in the wake

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