NaPoWriMo Day 23 ~ Translate A Poem In A Language You Do Not Know

Today’s prompt at NaPoWriMo is to take a poem in a language that you do not know and translate it based upon how the words look and sound. This should be fun! I’m choosing an Italian poem by Paolo Ruffili. To be fair I will admit to knowing a handful of Italian words as my grandfather was an immigrant. However, in his household, as in many immigrant households in the early 1900’s, his parents insisted on only English being spoken. So I only heard a few words in their native tongue being spoken and usually those times were when tempers flared, making most of said words ones which you wouldn’t use in polite company anyway. The poem I’m choosing is titled “Desiderio”, which translates to Desire in English.I struggled with trying to figure out how to put columns into a post, because I felt that it would be easier if the original and my “translation” were side to side. The formatting is a mess, but I cannot figure out how to change it no matter how I try. So, I’ll just leave it as is, because I still believe that side by side is the way to go.

Penso di me
che frugo con la mano
il corpo arreso e
aperto a ogni assalto
e ascolto intanto,
teso sul tonfo
del tuo cuore,
la voce che cigola
e che stride
Penso di me che
conto piano
ogni anfratto e appiglio
scoperta e nascondiglio
tuo di me che punto
e mi assottiglio
e cerco e inseguo
misurandola sul serio
la causa
di tanto desiderio.
Pensive is me
He’s frigging such a man
Will the corps arrest me
Appearing an only assault
He is cold in intent
Tis awful, a ton full
Deltas of cure
My voice she sees, golly
Eh she strides
Pensive is me key
Contra oh piano
Only a fret of a pig in lieu
Scope or tiny scones, dig it you
To ode she pants
Aye, my ass, oh sod, he glows
Aye circus of insecurity goes
Miserable doling of souls in Rio
Is the cause
He taunts my desires





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