NaPoWriMo ~ Day 14 ~ Leap Of Faith

Wondering where this road goes
Wishing to eagerly travel it
Fearing that it may lead me over a cliff
Knowing that I’m willing to risk it anyway
Questioning whether sanity has completely fled
Whether this heart of mine can be trusted
Maybe I’m just crazy after all and none of this is real
At least that’s what some would like me to think
There once was a time when I cared what they said
My indifference has grown, not out of maliciousness
It’s just that the call of my path can no longer be ignored
Therefore I carry on loving them as ever
And while I pray that they’ll keep me in their hearts as well
I’ve discovered that I love myself enough to take that leap of faith
Allowing my feet to go where they need to go and trust
That things will be just as they were meant to be


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