NaPoWriMo ~ Day 13 ~ Baleful

Ready to pierce with daggers crouches the beast
Hunkered down on its haunches
With wild eyes and a ferocious bite
Waiting just around the corner for an act of carelessness
To draw it out of its lair, fangs flashing and claws unsheathed
Ripping its target to tattered shreds, bloody and mangled
Eviscerating mercilessly those who cross its path
Hair flying wildly, mouth frothing rabidly
The rage goes unchecked at any provocation; real or imagined
This fearsome creature lurks behind the eyes
Of the most common looking among us
Making up stories in its own mind
To give it a reason, any will do
A permission slip signed in the cold sweat of fear
Allowing for the untamed release of venom
The quenching of the thirst for control
A false sense of respect hard won
Through the murder of the freedom of another

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