NaPoWriMo ~ Day 11 ~ Kali Help You

Kali Help You

You’ll find me in the deep stillness of the night
In the middle of a glade, my nudity illuminated
By the cool, silver light of the moon
Arms raised high and head thrown back
A look of near ecstasy written on my face
You may think that I look magical…appealing
Summon what wisdom you have and use it
To quell your desire to approach me
For I seem to be open to another night of passion
I am summoning, invoking, drawing the power of Kali into my being
Beseeching her to erase the remnants of my longing for you
For you knew that this was never a game to me
That the risk for my heart was high
For I laid myself bare to you, told you my story
Yet you used those three words…I love you
As you were well aware that for me this was real
You chose to allow me a delusion of hope
When it seems that you knew that there wasn’t any
At least not the sort that we both know that I needed
The sort that for all intents and purposes is for keeps
There are no guarantees in life
I know this, I am not an utter fool
Despite the fact that it seems you’ve taken me for one
Oh how hard I tried…Kali help me
Maybe you are the one who needs help now
For Kali and I you see are lovers, but also fierce warriors
Since it seems that I haven’t been able to protect myself
I summon her to help salvage the pieces of my shattered heart
As for you my dear, that is up to her
For I have done my best…given you every chance
To either be in love or to let go…and you’ve faltered
She may very well choose to rip your heart out
In a way far more brutal than you’ve done with me
If you somehow wind up being another skull on her necklace just remember
That you had a choice, that I practically begged you for mercy
Someday you might find yourself on the receiving end
With no one else to thank but the man in the mirror
As you reap what you sow and it all crumbles down
You might be left lying on the ground wounded and bleeding
Or perhaps you might find yourself instead becoming
The person you’ve always been capable of being, but weren’t

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