NaPoWriMo Day 8 ~ Rewrite of Emily Dickinson

Today’s prompt on the NaPoWriMo site is to rewrite a famous poem. I chose ‘I Measure Every Grief I Meet’ by Emily Dickinson. The purpose of my rewrite is to write the opposing view of the content of the original.

I Measure Every Joy I Meet

I measure every joy I meet
With the wide open eyes of a child
I wonder if I saw like everyone else
Would they see me as more wise

I sometimes wonder when I hear laughter
What caused them to carry on so
In the end it doesn’t matter
For I join them all the same

I note that some smile all the time
And never seem to frown
Some scoff at them and call them fake
But me I wish to emulate

I wonder if there will come a time
When life will wear me down
Causing my lips to refuse to smile
Doubtful as I smile even now as I ponder it

Will I go on seeing the good
Through eyes which look for beauty
Enlightened to a larger picture
In contrast to a cup half empty

Negativity and cynicism are prevalent I am told
I understand not their defenses when I think of
How even when running to avoid a honey bee’s sting
My mind still turns to the beauty of fragrant blooms

There are joys untold in this life of ours
Some of them so great as to be called ecstasy
While I may be banished from the company of misery
Their absence will not cause my happiness to cease to be

And though I may not fill every day with company
It will be as it must be
Hopeful that those who have fallen away will be inspired
Regardless my heart shall be clear

To note the passing madness in life is human
No being has known all their days to be worry free
It’s only that some of them choose to cling to their fears
And others start looking for the blessings yet to be

6 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 8 ~ Rewrite of Emily Dickinson

  1. I really admire writers like you who can transform these other poems and take on the daily writing challenges. I would never be able to do it!

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