Poem Inspired by Norse Mythology

Today’s prompt from NaPoWriMo is to write a poem based upon myth. They took it a little further by asking to use something other than Greek or Roman myths. One of their suggestions was Norse mythology, which was a welcome idea to me. I can remember buying a book on Norse Mythology back in my teens and reading it with fascination. So, below is my poem based upon the Dökkálfar, or dark elves.

Dark Elves The painting above is,’The Nightmare’ by Henry Fuseli


They sit in darkened corners awaiting slumber to ensue
In the back of the closet, where wee ones know that
Beasties have taken up residence just biding their time
Even though you’ve told them that they aren’t real
It’s you that they wish to fall soundly into slumber
Filled with malicious glee as they watch eyes grow heavy
Creeping silently across the floor listening closely
Patiently waiting for the breath to deepen
When the moment is right, they crawl up to perch
On the rising and falling chest, leaning in closer in order to be heard
As they whisper the stuff of nightmares into subconscious ears
The room fills with raspy giggles as the suggestions sink in
Moans and groans becoming sweet music to their ears
As the sky outside begins to lighten, fear sends them scurrying
Back into dark hidey holes to wait for another nightfall
Memories of those who didn’t make it back in time fresh in their minds
Reduced to nothing more than hideous garden gnomes as the sun’s rays
Turn the stragglers to stone, never more to rejoice in terrors of the night

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