Day 1 of National Poetry Month

To be honest, I had completely forgotten about NaPoWriMo until about ten minutes ago! I am going to try to do these posts earlier in the day from here on out whenever possible.

Today’s prompt was to go to and write a poem based upon the passage you get. The one I got was from “Talking Blues” by Calvin Forbes. Here’s the passage:

“Raccoon you better get wise
Look what playing possum got the possum ”

Below is my poem:

Playing with a mind as a child with his toys
By twisting words to achieve a shallow goal
Promising just enough to be more than nothing at all
In order to fulfill a primal desire
Which would be denied if reality were revealed
Perpetuate the lies, conjure up the alibis
Say whatever needs to be said to keep the untruth alive
What a way to live

A world of illusions where nothing is as it seems
Spin that web of deception nice and pretty
Attracting your prey with the glitter of the morning dew
Sparkling like diamonds, floating alive on threads of silk
Beware of falling victim to your own glamours
Believe not your lies that this is happiness
Faking it for so long that you forget who you are

One day to awaken cold and alone, wondering where they all went
Those friends and lovers who had succumbed to the charms
How could their love be so fickle as to walk away
From such a bright smile and clever wit?
Perhaps because behind them hides a vaporous being who knows not
The identity of his own soul

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