I’ve Been Taking A Time Out

I’m sure that most of you have already sort of guessed that I haven’t been around lately. There has been a lot of upheaval in my personal life for a good while now, but the fog is starting to lift. Health issues have once again been at the forefront. Sleep disorders, sinus infections, viruses…you name it. I’m on the mend with all of that thankfully. There has also been a lot of purging going on with things and relationships which were no longer serving my highest good.

Honestly, I think that my recent bout of illnesses have had a lot to do with stress…with feeling undervalued and overwhelmed. I have been working on a few paintings and sketches as well as doing some knitting. To be honest though, the last five days have been predominantly drowsy. I’ve needed to rest…to be…to release…to heal. Not to mention that the antibiotics and medication for restless legs syndrome have been knocking me out. I’ve been having some fun too though. Getting together with friends and family, reading a lot more than I have in years because now I am freed up to do so, writing a little which has also been on the shelf for a while, and other things.

The funny thing about being so sick lately is that I don’t mind. I know that right now my body, mind, and psyche needed healing time and no better time than right before Spring hits. I’m gearing up to be outdoors more and getting back into the swing of things with some physical activity. I’ll be back here regularly soon, but I felt the need to come here now and check in with all of you. I am hoping that all of you are well and that if you have needed to do some purging of your own that you have. I’ll try to be back here before April 1, but if not I’ll be back for National Poetry Month. I’m not doing the A to Z Challenge this year but will once more be doing a poem a day for the entire month of April.

There will be new art work coming soon too…so stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “I’ve Been Taking A Time Out

  1. I wondered where you’d disappeared to on Facebook too. Of course w/ the new newsfeed I’m still trying to ferret out my friends and their posts! Sorry you’ve been so sick. This has been a terrible winter.

    • Thank you JoJo. It has been pretty crappy in a few ways. The thing that’s getting me is that it still isn’t over. It looks like the weather is changing and then bang…right back into Winter we go…even as far south as I am in North Carolina. One of the weirdest Winters that I can remember.

  2. Pull up a toadstool my lovely Tracy and lets drink fairy juice and put the world to rights 🙂 Glad you are now seeing through the mist and on the road to recovery. Look forward to your poems 🙂

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