More To Come

I promise you that a real post is coming soon. These past several weeks have been so hectic that I didn’t even realize how long it had been since I posted anything until last night. Sadly, I wasn’t able to keep the sweet kitty cat who brightened my home for three months and it broke my heart to part with her. My allergies were so severe that no amount of medications for me and baths for her were working. The day after I returned her I discovered that a very close family member had just been diagnosed with cancer. I’ve also been very concerned about the health of another close family member. As if all of that wasn’t enough, I’ve been experiencing some real hiccups in my relationships sector. Plus, a new venture in which I was involved for a brief month came to an abrupt end.

To be quite honest with all of you, there were several days in which I wasn’t sure that I’d be able to hold on to my sanity. I am in a better place emotionally, however I haven’t slowed down enough physically to share much with all of you here. I have been on the go non-stop. Between medical appointments (nothing life threatening) and just simply not being able to remain still because there was too much to think about…its been about all I can handle. I do have a few big pieces of art which are nearing completion which I’ll be able to share with you soon and I also have a few regular posts running through my mind to sit and write in the near future.

So, please don’t think that this blog is dead. It’s just that I have had way too much going on in my personal life. It seems as though things are winding down and I’m taking steps to start making space for the things which really matter but have fallen by the wayside. This blog is one of those things. Don’t give up on me…I’m here…and I’m planning on being way more consistent and present soon. Big changes are happening, and while the road is bumpy it is filled with hope for things yet to come.

6 thoughts on “More To Come

  1. Hang in there Tracy. I’m sorry about the kitty but I understand. I’m allergic to cats too. If you need to talk let me know! I’m here for you!! Thanks so much again for the Bumbles oven mitt and sugar cookie mix!!!!

    • Thank you JoJo. I really appreciate that. Oh you are welcome for the Bumble…I know how much you love them and when I saw I simply had to pick it up for you. Sure hope that the cookies turned out alright.

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