I was about to sit down to begin a new black and white piece when something told me to sit down and look into the term zentangle. I am really glad that I listened to that little voice. I was under the impression that it was the name of a style of art, which technically it is. What I didn’t know was that it is also a copyrighted term. So, I’ve changed the titles of a few posts as well as removing the tag and category from the blog. For the time being, I’m calling mine black and whites in ink and future pieces will be given names. I know that I probably didn’t need to write this post because let’s face it, my blog isn’t all that big. However, I wouldn’t have felt right about not correcting my mistake.

10 thoughts on “Notice

    • It sure does Joss! I agree with the listening. I wasn’t always so good at that, but have learned over the years that a lot of grief can be avoided by listening to it at times. 😀

  1. Good thing you found that out now! But, I have a feeling that ‘zentangle’ is going to be used as the catch-all by everyone for that kind of art…like ‘kleenex’ means facial tissue no matter what brand, and ‘xerox’ means copy machine no matter what brand.

    • Yeah it is JoJo. It is pretty much already the catch-all term which is why I latched onto it. Just don’t want to end up worrying about copyright issues or royalties somewhere down the road. When I was looking into it I was led to their legal page and while it isn’t super strict, I’d rather avoid any complications.

  2. After reading your comment on Juliette’s blog, I thought I would check your blog out. Glad I did! It certainly is admirable of you to respect the copyright. I had no idea how bad the copying was until lately. Previous to the release of my last blog I changed the feed from “full” to “short” and the number of readers tripled!

    • Thanks David! Nice of you to stop in…glad that you did too. Copying is problematic for sure. Congrats on tripling your readers. I’ll have to come and check your blog out soon. 😀

    • Thanks Jules! Been over at your blog a handful of times…just didn’t comment till last night when I was pathetically creeping around on Facebook at 2am lol. Love your stuff too. 😀

    • Hey there Jeremy! I’m glad I checked your blog out yesterday. That song you had there was uncanny. Been working through some stuff…contemplating…and that song has such strong memories attached to it for me of a loved one who is no longer alive. Long and short of it is that he had talked to me at length about some of the stuff I’ve been trying to figure out lately so I was grinning from ear to ear after stopping by there. Thank you!

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