Seeing The Light

Who says that everything is in black and white

The one who has never paused to see the appealing mystique within the grey

When did it become so that we can only choose either this or that

On the day in which we became convinced that to want it all was obscene

Why is it that we believe that something has to be either true or false

Because almost all ability to see that the truth lies between the two has been erased

What makes so many of us think that love only exists within certain boundaries

The voices who screamed the loudest and wielded the most power told us it was so

Where do we go from here

Hopefully upward and within, which are one and the same

To the place where we all see beyond the veil so long draped over our eyes

That magical spot where the lines in the sand are wiped clean by gentle tides

And all is bathed in the quiet whooshing rhythm of a mother’s love

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