Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice, which is also the longest night of the year, is rapidly approaching…it will be here on December 21st…only a few days away. The Winter Solstice was celebrated by the ancients as the rebirth of the sun, as it marks when the days begin to grow longer and longer until the Summer Solstice rolls around again.These dark months of Winter are a great time to go within and reflect on the year before; to take measure of what we’ve completed, what we might need to release, and to figure out our priorities for the months ahead.

As I did a lot of the goal setting back on Samhain (I do this every year), which you can read about here, I’d like to narrow the focus for Yule by choosing three main priorities to contemplate and plan for over the Winter.

  1. To turn my passions into income.
  2. To figure out my love life.
  3. To make permanent changes in how I take care of my physical body.

As for what I’ve completed…well…I completed a decent amount of writing and art work, I was able to attend several meetup groups in various interests which is something I’ve always wanted to do, I finished several knitting and crochet projects, got a pet, I’ve figured out exactly who I am and what I want, and I passed the one year mark for quitting smoking.

As for what needs to be released…I’m not going to go into great detail here because there are some things which I prefer to hold close to my chest, so I’ll simplify by saying that I’ll be continuing to release interests, things, and relationships which no longer serve my highest good.

Life is fluid, therefore I reserve the right to change any and/or all of this at any time, but for now I’ll be focusing on the above.

What do you intend to contemplate during the dark Winter months?

10 thoughts on “Winter Solstice

  1. Life is fluid – love that. My contemplation this winter revolves around finding my spiritual center and finding a way to offer healing services with personalized guided meditations. Oh, and wandering Paris!

    • Thank you Joss. I love your focus of contemplation…those are wonderful things to concentrate on. I wish you success and that you find all that you are looking for and more. Wandering Paris…lovely. Enjoy!

  2. Dearest Tracy,
    Love the way you think about things. Wishing for you that all your plans and dreams come true this coming year. For me, I am releasing those things that keep me from having good health, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    • Aww Karen, thank you so much my friend. I wish for all of your plans and dreams to come true this year too. So sorry that I missed you today but you’re right…we’ll catch up soon.

      Love you

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  4. I myself base my internal calendar on solstices and equinoxes, rather than the traditional Gregorian calendar. Just like the Ancients, today is my New Year’s Day. Not being a socially or culturally important day, I mostly “celebrate” it on my own. It is my own beginning of the holidays, and I celebrate Xmas and New Year’s Day with the others with a different meaning than for most.

    I clicked on your article because of the title, and I loved to hear about your own interpretation of the day. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Tom ~ Well, I’m glad that you clicked on the post. Thank you for leaving a great comment. I understand about celebrating it on your own…you’re right it isn’t a socially or culturally important day to most. Also agree with you about internally identifying and living largely more by the calendar of the Ancients more so than the Gregorian calendar. Another yes on celebrating with others for different reasons. Thanks again for coming by! Hope you’ll come back again. I’ll be over to look at your blog in just a moment. 🙂

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