Kittens & Sugar Skulls

A few days ago I went to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue here in Asheville, NC and came home with the most lovely little 5 1/2 month old cat named Jessa. She’s a little thing with a personality at least ten times as big as she is. As I type this, she is chewing on my laptop looking at me with this cute expression…almost as if she’s saying…you know you won’t get mad…I’m cute enough to get away with this. She’s right.

Here are a few photos of Jessa:

Sugar skull & Jessa 004



Sugar skull & Jessa 005I also wanted to share with you my first sketch of a sugar skull. While I was out roaming around with my sister yesterday, we wandered into a shop which I’ll likely be haunting a good bit and was inspired by a lot of the work hanging on the walls in there.

Sugar skull & Jessa 001

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