May Your Cup Runneth Over

Below is another watercolor which I did yesterday evening. It was inspired by a video in the fearless painting series by Connie Hozvicka on her website Dirty Footprints Studios. This particular video was about opening your heart center and after watching it, the painting in this post is what flowed out. My friend Tabitha, (you can find her links by going above and clicking on the Sisters In The Shadows link) turned me on to this course, which is FREE by the way, and so many other great things over the years what we’ve started calling her my enabler. Well, okay so that goes both ways but let me tell you that she is the one who finds the most enabling material. This particular one made me think of my sister, so I’ve already sent it on its way to live with her, but I took some photos last night. Here is how it turned out.

My cup runneth over 001

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