It is natural to worry…to feel helpless when there are situations which you cannot do anything about…to wish that you could just somehow make it all better. Lately I’ve found myself feeling all of these things and then some. Over the past few days and nights I’ve received emails, had a few conversations, and dreamed several dreams which have helped to settle things down inside of me.

I could make this post a long and drawn out, but I won’t. It isn’t necessary. It’s enough to tell you how all of it has come together for me. Life is full of choices. We get to decide how we will react to things, how we will conduct ourselves, how we will treat ourselves and others, etc. We all know that.

No matter what has happened in the past or will happen in the future, what we have is this very moment…right now. What I was doing was allowing myself to become frozen in thought about the future. I have no control over that. What I can, and have decided to do, is to enjoy this very moment. To treasure what is in front of me.

Does that mean that I am no longer concerned about what is going on? No. I am still very concerned and will continue to do anything and everything that I can do about it. I’ve simply realized that it would be foolish of me to lose out on the gifts of each and every day because of worry over yesterdays or tomorrows…things out of my control. I’m choosing not to squander the little things…the smiles, the love, the time…the things that really matter.


8 thoughts on “Choices

  1. Wise words, Tracy. True that we all worry about our future, but the truth i it rests on our present and if we live ‘now’ fully well, our future turns out just as we plan…So live now, love, laugh and make the right choices, always.

      • Everybody does, sometime or the other, we make choices that do not turn out as beneficial as we had hoped. But that’s life. The best that we can do is live by our choices and rejoice. repent will only weaken our resolve to make further choices and live peacefully. Good day, Tracy 🙂

  2. I’m glad you have figured out a way not to overthink the future. I’m so worried about finances that it cripples me. I worry about the future…I’m 49 and I have nothing to show for my life. No house, no retirement….nothing. I know I’ll never be able to make ends meet on Social Security but it’s also too late to rebuild what meager retirement I had prior to my divorce. I’m so screwed and that’s what scares me. I fully expect my mom to cut me out of her will out of spite so I won’t be inheriting her house or money….something I kinda thought I could rely on when I was younger but not so much now. She’ll probably live another 20 years too. I’m sure she’ll be burying me long before I bury her. So yeah, living in the here and now and not worrying……really hard.

    • Hi JoJo…yeah I know what you mean about the financial stuff. In a very similar situation myself. Really hope you…really both of us…find a way to make it all work out. It isn’t easy I know.

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