Where The Heart Is

I’m sure that most of us have heard the saying, “Home is where the heart is” haven’t we? I’d like to put my own spin on this and broaden it to include what is in the heart. There has been a great deal on my mind lately, due to various factors, including the health issues of a dearly loved one…as well as my own introspective nature. The past several years have found me stepping into and claiming my personal power and this had had several phases. I’ve gone through stages of varying degrees of anger, resentment, turmoil, release, inner peace, and simply becoming who I’ve always been…the me who was waiting behind all of the hurt…all the fear…the insecurities…to step up and just live life on my own terms.

It has taken me a while to find the balance between standing up for myself while still standing in kindness and being an aggressive bitch, but I’ve made it…most of the time. I’ll never be the one to tell anyone that it is wrong to get angry and feel what you need to feel. It’s perfectly fine, it’s human, it’s part of the experience of living here on Earth. However, after we’ve felt our emotion and said our piece if we needed to do so…then what? We are here for such a finite amount of time, and I honestly do believe that we have been born into these lives to become the best and most loving versions of ourselves that we can. So…after we feel what we feel and expressed those feelings either by talking about them or letting them out in writing or art…it’s for the best to let them go in a spirit of love.

We have a choice to make. A choice to fully live this life we’re living and to fill it with rich, love filled experiences…or…to hold on to the anger and resentment, dragging ourselves and everyone around us into a downward negative spiral. Some people have been convinced that to surround and fill ourselves with icky (yes I used that word) depressing and angry thoughts, words, emotions, news, and media means that we are well informed…that we are subjecting ourselves to a well rounded and “real” world view. I’ve never been convinced of this, and am less convinced with each passing year of my life. Of course we have been taught and told that we need this ick because that’s the way that the world is. Do we really? Or are we simply perpetuating more ugliness when we fully engage in it?

Of course, bad things exist and yes they piss me off just as much as the next person. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, what do we do with the information? Do we rage against it and allow it to so deeply permeate our beings that we walk around in a cloud of emotional stench…or do we shake off the anger and work on finding ways to make things better? Of course most of us do not have the wherewithal to single-handedly eradicate war, disease, violence, and hate. However, each of us at least has it within our means to spread loving energy within our own little spheres of existence. Some of us can do more, but we can all do something.

I have found it to be true that we not only brighten the day of another with a simple smile, but we multiply our own positive energy. Acts of love, compassion, and kindness have a momentum all of their own. Try switching your mind away from ingrained negativity…from ego…from fear…from anger and into a space where you begin to view the world not as a place filled with things and people to loathe and fear…but as a place of never ending connection.

What lives in your heart space?


11 thoughts on “Where The Heart Is

  1. Just beautiful and heart felt Tracy. Thank you. What’s in my heart space? Just to be who I am with all my ups and downs & crazy moods; and spread a little kindness here and there, be compassionate to others including to myself, do what I can when I can and indulge in a little me time when possible.

    • Thank you Susan. I like the sound of your heart space! When we learn to accept all of our sides…we’ve figured out one of life’s biggest lessons. At least that’s what I think. 🙂

  2. Yeah I have bad days like everyone else but I’ve really tried so much and so hard to change my bad attitude that I had out west. The other night my honey asked me, ‘do you like your life now?’ and I said, ‘no, I LOVE my life now!’ He lives in my heart space, along with my friends and my stepkids. I’d say ‘my family’ too, but my blood relatives are few and far between now and, let’s face it, they weren’t the most supportive. One thing that’s helped me not be all gloom and doom is that I refuse to watch the news. I get my info online and I control what I read.

    • JoJo, I’m glad that you’ve found some peace and happiness. I haven’t watched the news in a really long time either. I get mine in the same way as you do…and that’s good enough for me too.

  3. Home is where the ART is too… Sometimes you can take your broken heart and make art and then look back on it and see the distance you’ve come…just try to keep moving ahead, even if the road is muddy and filled with potholes…

    • That’s definitely true Kerry! I just discovered the healing power of art not long ago and now wonder how I ever lived without it. Muddy…potholes…hey I’ve been on that road. 😀

  4. A wise person (I forget who it was) said something like “We are not obliged to finish solving all the problems of the world. But we are obliged to begin.” And I agree with you: the best way to do that is to be as loving as possible to people who appreciate your love. Especially yourself.

    • Spark, I like that quote. As time goes by I am beginning to think that maybe the answer to the world’s problems is as simple as enough people caring enough to begin. Oh yes, loving yourself…that was the hardest one for me. I’ve found out that by coming to love myself that my love for everyone and everything else is much larger and more freely felt than ever. ❤

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