Wishcasting Wednesday…What Sign from the Universe Do You Wish For?

I’m a little late in seeing this week’s Wishcasting post in my inbox…but then again I haven’t fully participated for quite some time. My lack of participation is no reflection of the lovely Jamie Ridler who hosts this each week over at her website Jamie Ridler Studios…it’s me.

Why this week then? Well, in a nutshell because I very, and I do mean very recently had the mother of all signs! Interestingly enough, I had just come across a post from Hay House Publishing on Facebook yesterday evening about a book called “E-squared” by Pam Grout. They placed a link to a sample chapter and experiment in which you ask for a gift…a very clear sign…within 48 hours to prove the statement that there is a loving force out there…and not just some unknowable guy in the sky. Well I made my request and mind-blowingly enough had my sign within 2 hours…not 48. Below is exactly what I wrote…keep in mind that for this experiment you are not supposed to be specific in your request, and that I borrowed some of their example verbatim:

I want a thumbs-up, a clear sign, something that cannot be written off as coincidence…an unexpected gift proving to me that you are real. I’m paying attention and am expecting this gift within 48 hours.

Well, as I told you above, I had my sign within 2 hours. Wow huh? I’m really going to have to purchase a copy of this book and work with the experiments. I’m intrigued!




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