Summer Cold Strikes…The Benefits

I’ve been pretty sick with a cold since Friday, which has made me sit down and go nowhere. Of course I would rather not be sick, but since I have been stuck inside, I have taken advantage and gotten to work on a few projects which have been waiting for me. I’ve been a knitter for about four years and love it. However, a few months ago I began to learn how to crochet…thanks to my sister who has been doing so for long enough to be a crochet master. Please pick your mouth up off of your desk sister dear…yes, I really said that you are so stinking good that I consider you a master.

Well, I have been working on a blanket for myself for a few months. I’ll take photos of it another time, but this weekend I’ve been working on some small holiday items to send out to friends and family. I’ve also been working on my first ever pair of crocheted baby booties for my beautiful new great-niece Madison. I’ll post a photo below of the first one…which is all I have done so far. Number two will be done tomorrow.

I’m also posting a few photos of my full moon/equinox stuff. The photos are but a small part of what I did in honor of these two occasions. In addition to what I am showing you below, I’ve been doing some serious contemplation of what I do and do not wish to carry forward in my life for the upcoming season…as well as what new things I might like to usher in. I’ll write a separate post about this soon, but for now I want to collapse into bed to read for a while. Scroll down for the pics.

Kichen altar and Madison's crocheted booties 008Kichen altar and Madison's crocheted booties 003Kichen altar and Madison's crocheted booties 013

6 thoughts on “Summer Cold Strikes…The Benefits

    • Ha! Spark…I could think of several comebacks but I’ll behave. Make note on your calendar…behaving isn’t a super regular part of my repertoire. πŸ˜‰

      Well, having a healthy hubby is a good choice. Wondering if you have a patio or something where you could safely burn some outdoors when he isn’t around?

      Thanks for the get well wishes. ❀

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