I began this post nine days ago and had completely forgotten about it. This evening though, I was having a discussion with someone and she said a few things which really hit home. Her words also reminded me that this was sitting here in the drafts just waiting to be finished.

We all think about the value of things and even of other people, but have you thought about your own worth lately? Are you getting what you deserve from life and your relationships or are you just settling? I’ve been asking myself that question more and more these days, and as I am wont to do…when I think about it, I write about it.

I wonder why it is that some of us have a tendency to accept things which we would never think acceptable for someone else. We settle for not only not being near the top of our loved ones lists, but so far removed from it that we barely register as a blip on the radar. We settle for being talked to as though we are imbeciles. We settle for being treated as though our feelings and opinions only matter when they reflect those of the person we are dealing with. We allow ourselves to believe that it’s okay to settle for mediocrity, that we need to conform, that it is perfectly acceptable for others to scoff at our feelings…what matters to us…what we do…who we are…how we dress…etc. Sadly some of us were taught and still believe that it is a noble thing to live our own lives miserably so that others can pursue their happiness. Compromise is necessary in human relationships…this isn’t what I am talking about. I am talking about when one person is expected to give up everything while the other does exactly what they want, when they want, and how they want it.

While I will always be seeking and finding the value in other people, as well as in things, I have also come to appreciate my own value. I have begun to expect the same respect which I afford to others…to invest myself in relationships with others who wish to invest too and not just take with no regard for anyone else’s value…to appreciate and explore my talents. Last but not least I have learned that I can do all of this without feeling hostile. You see everything, and I do mean everything boils down to one word…love. This love extends far beyond ourselves, but it also includes ourselves. Have you loved yourself lately?


8 thoughts on “You…Priceless

  1. I absolutely and completely relate. Dealing with the hostility after finding my voice was the hardest part…but the most valuable. I lost the people I needed to lose…Giving to and doing for others who weren’t taking advantage of me felt a WHOLE lot better…and I learned my own value & worth by surrounding myself with people who love me back & show it. I’m just so glad I’m not alone. Thank you. 🙂

    • Hi Mimi~ It really is a difficult process, but as you indicated…oh so worth it! Yes it feels incredible surrounding ourselves with people who are genuine and not using or abusing us. Congratulations on finding the courage to take a stand and find your joy…and thank you for coming by. 😀

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