Butterflies Are Ready To Fly Off

Well, I did it…I reached my goal for this series of paintings. I’m so glad that I didn’t wimp out and cut the number short, because there are more things in my life which have gone unfinished than I would like to admit. I might be exhausted but I’m happy damn it! Tomorrow, they’ll be scanned and packaged to be shipped off to Heather Tokas of Butterflies from Heather to go to the Mother Earth News Fair. In case you missed the first post about this. Heather is a dear friend who was awesome enough to share her success with me by asking me to paint a series of butterflies to go with her to the fair, where she will be offering both originals and prints for sale. She has worked very hard for more years than you could imagine, and being invited to the Mother Earth News Fair for the past two years is a very big deal for her…and now also for me. Thank you Heather! 

Yesterday’s painting will be first, which is a wood nymph with a blooming mint plant and a little twig of an ash tree. Next is tonight’s painting, which is a red spotted purple with a thistle.

Wood Nymph and Red Spotted Purple 002Wood Nymph and Red Spotted Purple 001


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