To Censor Or Not To Censor…That Is The Question

There are times in every blogger’s life, well those of us with even a tiny smidgen of a conscience left, in which this question comes up. Anyone who has been with me in the blogging world for a while or knows me in real life knows that I do not hold back a lot when it comes to expressing myself. I have been candid…I have been irreverent…I have used bad language…at times I have been too open for the taste of some…the list goes on.

The line between sensitivity and censorship is quite narrow, and that’s the rub when it comes to blogging I suppose. Of course I wouldn’t want to go out of my way to hurt anyone. At the same time, I have to wonder…how much responsibility do I hold for the feelings of someone who makes the decision to come here and read?

There are many reasons why I blog. Some of those reasons are to share my writing and poetry, to share my artwork, to try to help others to get in better touch with themselves, to encourage self love and respect, to open discussions about topics which are important and relevant for our growth, to hopefully assist in opening minds and hearts, and sometimes I just feel like sharing parts of my life with all of you.  As candid as I normally am, there are times in which I find myself thinking about what I am about to share…wondering if it might rattle anyone’s cage.

Honestly, I do not wish to spend a lot of time having to think about what I choose to say or omit here. So, I will post what is in my heart and what is going on in my life. My promise to all of you is that I will never make a post with the express intention of hurting someone.That’s about as good of a promise that an imperfect human can make. Other than that though, this is my blog…this is my life…and I will write as I deem fit.

Please remember that it is always your choice to come here or not and also that what I write here shouldn’t be taken personally because none of it is about you…no matter who you are. It’s either about me or it is a generality. Why am I writing about this now? Every now and then it feels imperative that I make clear what my intentions are here. Also, it never hurts to take a stand for free expression.




6 thoughts on “To Censor Or Not To Censor…That Is The Question

  1. Ha! and why not?

    I have been here on an off and I always feel that the way that you express your emotions actually click pretty well with the readers. Now I , personally, have never encountered anything here that might hurt someone at all so I don’t feel offended. I love coming back here for more…so keep writing!

    We love you, Tracy!

  2. I understand completely. Before Facebook, I used to share way, way more about my thoughts and beliefs, but I have stopped doing that so much b/c Russell says I ‘share too much’ and he’s concerned that it will be used against me. But now that my blog is published on FB thru Networked Blogs, I have a few more readers than I used to, many from my hometown, even if they don’t comment. I’m reluctant to ‘let it all hang out’. I’ve had trouble w/ a former classmate cyberstalking me b/c she is upset that I unfriended her. She hasn’t found my blog, yet, but I am concerned about promoting upcoming craft shows on it because I don’t want her showing up to give me a hard time. The internet is a slippery slope for sure.

    • JoJo, you said a mouthful! Sounds like you’ve wondered where to draw the line a time or two yourself. Hope that woman doesn’t find the blog if that’s what she would do. Do you really think that she would show up and make a scene? Wow…if so, that is ridiculous.

  3. standing ground is a wonderful trait… one that isn’t respected enough. While much of the human race wants 100% Politically correct statements…no matter how infactual they may be, while doing so takes away our ability to think and speak for ourselves as well.. Charge on Sistar. One of the many things about your blog that inspires me to hold onto my own authinic self Physically, mentally and Spiritually to.

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