Flying Away~ Yet More Butterflies

I’ve been painting my little fingers off today…and loving every minute of it. These are the latest three paintings which will be headed to the Mother Earth News Fair with Heather Tokas of Butterflies from Heather. I have to say another big thank you to Heather. If she hadn’t asked me to do these, who knows when/if I would have learned just how much I adore painting. Sure, I had done a few paintings in the past year, but this project in it’s quantity and detail has been a huge challenge which leaves me yearning to do more. So my friend…thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Painting one is a snout butterfly on a marigold, the second is a tortoiseshell butterfly, and the third is just a fun one of a meadow with little yellow and periwinkle butterflies.

Snout Butterfly 001Tortoiseshell 002Field of Dreams 001


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