Reflecting With A Grateful Heart

The past few days have been chock full of emotions. I’ve had a dear friend dealing with extreme sorrow, another who was feeling almost like hope was lost in making life changes, another who is coming to terms with a new health condition, and a few relatives with some pretty serious health issues going on. Then there was my stuff. I’d been dealing with deep confusion about a few issues of my own, some big time fatigue, and feeling concerned as well as pained for those going through difficult times. Keep reading though…this is not a heavy post…no matter how it looks now.

In addition to all of the above, I’ve also been filled with gratitude. Gratitude for having these dear friends and family in my life. For being able to lend an open ear, a shoulder, to give love and support, to help out in some way. Gratitude for those in my life who spend a Saturday morning on the phone sharing their dreams and those who trust me enough to share their hearts with me. Thankful for those who make me smile even when it hasn’t been a great day, the people who fill my heart with love and happiness. I’ve realized that my life is enriched with wonderful people with whom I’m so blessed to share coffee and people watching, philosophical discussions, walks, goofy antics which border on embarrassing, late night chats, game nights, creative ideas, sometimes tears, and a special thanks to the ones with whom belly laughs are a common occurrence.

It occurred to me tonight how amazing contrasts can be. These past several days have been filled with emotions and experiences so markedly from opposite ends of the spectrum that at times my head felt like it was spinning. You know what? I have no complaints, because each and every experience is a different facet of love.  I’m thinking that all of you know who you are, and even though I am very open with saying this…I want to say it again…I love each of you dearly.

Have any of you had similar realizations about the different ways in which love and joy manifest in our lives?

12 thoughts on “Reflecting With A Grateful Heart

  1. I’m so glad you can find the joy and gratitude amongst all the painful things. I’ve struggled with severe health issues, plus a disabled child, and other difficult life circumstances for many years. Although I can’t deny it’s been deeply painful, it has also taught me so much about love and how the simple things in life matter most. For those things I’m grateful.

  2. OH how this post brought the happiest of tears to my eyes. I fully understand the spectrum of emotions that you are speaking of and yes that is a reflection of all the facets of Love and that we are all connected to each other and are as one. Thank you for starting my Monday on such beatiful thoughts.

  3. Sometimes when the chips are down, I end up encountering a few people who are going through a way worse time than me and I try to just think that ‘this too shall pass’ and be grateful of everything that is going right.

    • Thank you Karen. Gratitude is one of those things which seem so simple but can be difficult to implement. A few months ago I began writing down five things every morning which I’m grateful for. It really does help set the tone for the day, as well as keeping gratitude alive in my life.

  4. That’s one thing about the hard times in life; they really teach you who your friends are. My life has had its share of challenges lately, but I’ve never felt closer to my friends and family than I do right now. It’s the best feeling in the world, and it has been worth all the heartache to find out how strong these relationships are.

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