You Shouldn’t Have Told Me No – Part 2

She woke up several hours later, not knowing where she was and wondering why she couldn’t move. She looked down and saw that she was tied to a hard chair in what looked to be some sort of windowless cellar with stone walls. It was then that her memory kicked in, and the reality of her situation hit. Her father’s friend had tried to kill her which her sore, raspy throat testified to.

Upon scanning the room she didn’t see him anywhere, which prompted her to strain against the ropes binding her to the chair. They proved to be tied too tightly for her to do anything more than cause her wrists to burn. What seemed like ages, but could have been minutes went by when she heard the door at the top of the stairs opening and heavy footfalls clunking closer to where she sat. When she felt his heavy hand come to rest on her shoulder, she jumped. She had been unable to see his approach because he had seated her with her back to the stairs.

As he came around to face her she could smell his hot, whiskey tinged breath which made her feel as though she was going to retch. She fought the reflex as hard as possible, not wanting to anger him again.

“I thought that you might be thirsty.”, he said producing a bottle of water.

She nodded that she was, so he removed the cap from the bottle and put it to her lips. She drank until she had practically drained the entire thing.

“Where are we?”, she asked.

“Somewhere that nobody will find us. I found this cabin about ten years ago. Not a single soul knows about it, so it’s just you and me darlin’.”, he replied with a smile which sent chills down her spine.

The smile was one that gave the impression that he thought that they were in on some sort of secret. Then he bent down and kissed her passionately, with his hands clasping her face. She had to fight the urge to gag and was thankful that he turned away and plodded back up the stairs. A feeling of desperation overtook her as she wondered what else he was going to do and whether she would be able to avoid it.

She was able to fall asleep for a while and was awakened by the sound of him descending the stairs once more.

“I brought you something to eat my love.”, he said.

He walked around to face her and sat a tray of food on her lap before going to the corner of the basement and dragging a stool over to sit in front of her. As much as she wanted to refuse the food, she knew that she needed to eat if she were to have any hope of being strong enough to escape him. He took the lid off of a storage container and she smelled a familiar aroma of beef stew.

“Where did you get this?”, she asked.

“Walked over to your dad’s and got it for you. I thought it would make you feel happy to have it. Plus he made it for you anyway.”, he replied.

She was disgusted that he had the nerve to go into her dad’s house and take food. At the same time, she was thankful to be eating her dad’s stew because it felt familiar and comforting in an odd way. He fed her, smiling the entire time. As the meal wore on, she noticed that his gaze kept straying to her chest. She ignored it and hoped that he wouldn’t take it any further than that.

He took the tray from her lap and sat it onto the floor after feeding her the last bite.

“Don’t you see how good we are together?”, he asked with a leer.

“Please don’t do this. My dad trusts you.”, was her response.

“Yes, he does trust me. It’s because he knows how good I am for you. I think he’s always wanted you and me to be together”.

He reached for her then, running his hands all over her. Grasping her breasts roughly, he kissed her neck. She was struggling which only seemed to spur him on. His hands then traveled lower as he separated her legs and caressed her through her jeans. She bucked harder, making the chair rock violently. He slapped her across the face.

“Damn it! What the hell is wrong with you? I thought that you understood that we are supposed to be together. I thought that you knew how much I loved you. Ungrateful bitch!”, he bellowed.

She rocked the chair again. He picked it up with her in it and slammed her back against the stone wall. Her head hit against one of the rocks, making it spin. Before she could gather her thoughts, his hands were all over her again, more roughly than before. When he made his way back to her jeans, he unbuttoned them. With his hand on the zipper he leaned in and kissed her again, this time jamming his tongue into her mouth.

The smell and taste of his breath brought the beef stew into her throat and before she could stop it, she threw up. Her vomit covered his face, which enraged him.

“You fucking bitch!”, he bellowed.

She began to laugh uncontrollably and said, “Now you look better”.

He pulled back his fist and brought it into her jaw as hard as he could. He stormed into the opposite corner of the room and returned with an ax. It was at this moment when she knew that she wasn’t getting out of her prison and began to cry.

“Too late for that now, you cunt. You’re no different than all the others.”, he said as he swung his weapon.

It struck her in the crook of the neck, hitting deeply and drawing a rapid flow of blood. It also hit the stone wall causing it to bounce back and strike him. The ax buried itself deeply into his chest. She saw the fear in his eyes and watched as he fell to the floor. He tried to speak, but wasn’t able to due to the blood rising into his throat. She knew that she was going to die, but felt some satisfaction in knowing that he was too.

“Till death do us part, you bastard.”, she said as he drew his last breath.

6 thoughts on “You Shouldn’t Have Told Me No – Part 2

    • Thanks for reading it JoJo! I seriously debated with myself about her fate. Decided on this ending because I felt that most people would expect for her to get away from him and it was my desire to provide an unexpected ending. It sure was hard to do though!

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