You Shouldn’t Have Told Me No

The last thing that she wanted was to go back to her hometown. Sure, there were a few good memories there but those were few and far between. When the call came that a family member was very ill though, she felt that going home to help was the right thing to do. As soon as her feet hit the ground, she felt as though she had made a terrible mistake.

“What was I thinking in coming back here?”, she wondered aloud.

There was no one around which was strange. They had made the situation sound so dire. The key to the front door was under the flower pot on the porch railing as usual, so she picked it up and used it to open the door. There was a note on the table which read:

Invited for a weekend at the lake. There’s plenty of stuff here in the house to last until we get back. See you then.

Reading the note made her see red. Pulling her cell phone out of her purse she dialed her best friend.

“Can you believe this shit? They beg me to come back and then do not even have the decency to be here. Instead I get this note to help myself to whatever is in the house. Like I’m some kind of hired help”!

Her friend was sympathetic. Over the years she had watched her go through a lot and had been so happy when she had finally moved away.

She said, “Sweetie, it’ll be okay. You’re only going to be there for a week. Don’t let them talk you into staying any longer than that. Especially not after this stunt. I guess we can just be thankful that you have the place to yourself for the weekend. Maybe you can just relax. At least your dad’s fucking weird friend isn’t hanging around”.

Thinking about that caused goose bumps to raise on her arms.

“God! What did you have to remind me of that freaky bastard for? The last time I saw him, he was talking about wanting to kill people. Not only that, but the smelly pervert tried to kiss me…and he grabbed my ass”.

The two of them were laughing about that when all of a sudden she went completely silent.

“Are you there? Hey, is everything alright”?

She sat paralyzed with fear as she watched her dad’s friend slowly emerging from the hallway closet. The smell of him had reached her nose before she saw him. There was no mistaking the scent of sour sweat and whiskey. He had been hiding behind the coats and was slowly making his way into the living room, red faced and hair disheveled. In his hand was a butcher knife which she recognized from the kitchen.

“Umm…I think I have to go”.

“Should I call 911”?

“Yes, that sounds good. I’ll talk to you soon”.

She started to get up from the couch, but he rushed over and pushed her back down. With the knife to her throat with one hand, he smiled slowly as he reached for her with the other, fingers lightly brushing her hair.

“So, you thought it was funny when I tried to show you how much I love you”?

His hand trailed down to her breast, grabbing it roughly. Her eyes were wide with fear which only made him angry. He raised his hand from her breast to her throat. Moving the knife to her chest, he tightened his fingers around her neck. She struggled against him, but was no match for the maniacal strength of her attacker. A wave of dizziness overtook her and the room went dim just as she heard a siren off in the distance.

Part 2 coming soon!


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