An Anemone for Evangeline

EV's Anemone 003An Anemone for Evangeline

After waiting patiently for about two years, Evangeline is about to receive some sea creatures. Why so long? Because it took me that long to get up the nerve to try a pattern out of this book. I’ve never knit something in the round on double pointed needles with such a small amount of stitches, and let me tell you, it was intimidating!

Just doing this little anemone took me from 10am until a little after 5pm. Now that I’ve learned how to do things like this, I don’t expect that the next project will take as many hours to accomplish. I’ll be making at least a few more projects out of this book for Evangeline. I figure that after waiting as long as she already has, that she will won’t mind too much waiting another few weeks or so.

Pattern taken from the book, ’75 Seashells, Fish, Coral, & colorful marine life’, by Jessica Polka.


8 thoughts on “An Anemone for Evangeline

    • Thanks JoJo! This was my first. I have two more that I’ve picked to start but my hands needed a break from knitting. Worked on that thing all day and ouch! Been working on a crocheted blanket this evening.

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