These rattling chains restrict my stride as heavy shackles tighten with each step
Every footfall feels heavy, as though walking through quicksand
Burdened shoulders slumped heavily with the weight of his name
Carrying it with me like a sign in permanent marker
The whole world can see evidence of my imprisonment, my greatest mistake
Caught in a world of hurt and lies
Grounded from flight, wings heavy from disuse
Weighed down with coal black soot, deposited with each hateful word
Every syllable as jagged as pinking shears, clipping away at my self esteem
Little by little nipping at the essence of me
One day while huddled in my corner after another machine gun round of mind shattering words
A ray of light bursts forth
After a few tentative shivers, I shake the soot from my wings
Falling off in scaly flakes; feeling lighter with each flap
Gaining strength, I lift myself from the floor
Straining at the chains until they snap with a crash
Nothing can stop me now as I swirl laughing through the air
Watching as he circles below, I give one final shake
The crusted blood in which his name was inscribed falls away
As I make my way through the window
Out into the cloud filled sky
Rain washing me clean of the clinging residue of his memory
As the heavy layers lift, my spirit makes a triumphant return.


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