Update…Name Change

I’ve been going by my maiden name in the online world for quite a while. What many of you didn’t know was that legally I was still toting around my ex-husband’s last name. I had petitioned for the reversion when we got divorced, but then couldn’t be bothered to go to the hearing…for a few reasons. It was a simple divorce as we never had children and we weren’t dividing any assets…we agreed to keep our own stuff and simply walk away. Reason two was that I never wanted to see him again. Well, somehow my name ended up not being changed and I didn’t find out until I got the final decree in the mail.

In my mind, it was going to be simple to get it taken care of as it was in the original petition of which I had a copy with the county seal. Umm…no. Every person that I spoke to (three of them) all said the same thing, ‘If it isn’t in the decree I can’t help you’. One of them was nice enough to repeat herself a minimum of five times in rapid succession, to which I finally sighed, then resignedly and softly replied, ‘Oh fuck you’, before hanging up. I sometimes miss old school phones because what’s the fun in hanging up in a snit when you can’t slam the thing down in the other person’s ear? Someone needs to invent an app for that.

Anyway, I digress. I waited until I was a resident of the state that I moved to for a year (their stupid requirement) only to find out that you weren’t allowed to file your own petition. So there was a filing fee, an attorney’s fee, publication of a notice in the newspaper for 30 days…and here I was penniless after my marriage because I had sunk all of my money into his business, etc. It was a rough few years getting back on my feet, so the name change fell to the bottom of the list.

Then I moved here and have had a note stuck to my fridge for months to find out how it works in my current state. No matter what excuses I made for not calling, the real reason was because I did not want to be disappointed again. Well, finally yesterday I called. Imagine my surprise when the Clerk of Court told me that all I needed were a few documents and ten dollars…yes you read that right…and that I would walk out of there with my maiden name restored. Oh baby! I was there today with bells on.

So, I am pleased to say that I am legally Tracy Moore once again. To be honest, I had no idea how much carrying around his name was bothering me until I walked out of there rid of it this afternoon. Even though my divorce was final in June of 2009, I feel an even greater sense of freedom today than I did then if you can believe it. Happy dance!

18 thoughts on “Update…Name Change

  1. I'm so glad that it's been legally restored! Did you ever do your Social Security card? I put it off assuming beaurocratic red tape but then I pulled the band aid off and did it and it was painless. It's my passport I dread! lol I admit I grumbled a little when Russell asked me if I'd change back from my married name, which was far easier to pronounce and spell than my maiden name but I'm glad I did it. It broke off that one tie that I'd always have to my ex-h and his family.

  2. Thank you JoJo! Well, I did the SS card when I got married. Now have to do it in reverse lol. You're right that it is really easy. The passport I have heard can be difficult. I don't have that concern, thankfully. Wish you luck with yours. Yep…breaking those ties feels really good. Who knew? Bet you're really glad now that he asked you to do it lol.

  3. wait, so i still call you tracy… my friend! the yucky parts of being in and out of a marriage for the woman is much more difficult. that says more about on how tradition is what makes this country so screwy. i better stop politics anger is starting, welcome back to being you!

  4. lol yes Jeremy…still Tracy and yes…still your friend. šŸ™‚ Uh oh…politics anger…totally get it. Dreaming of the day when people no longer have such personal aspects of their lives ruled by bureaucracy. Then again…this particular dilemma could have been averted had I listened to the screaming voice in my head on my wedding day. Can you guess what it said? Don't. Do. It. lolThanks šŸ™‚

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