Blooming Through The Wounds

Below is my latest painting. In following with my exploration of the dark side, this painting is symbolic of rebirth…of coming into bloom both in spite of and thanks to the wounds which we’ve sustained throughout the course of our lives. The lotus flower itself is a symbol of rebirth in Egyptian mythology, which is one reason why I chose this particular flower. The second reason is because of the purity which the whiteness of the lotus implies. Yes, I believe that we can achieve a renewed sense of pure wonder and joy…scars and all.

Shining through 
Enlarged to show detail

14 thoughts on “Blooming Through The Wounds

  1. Thanks Jak! No I haven't really shared a lot of art because I hadn't done very much in the past. I have a feeling there will be more coming. 🙂 The dark side lol…you crack me up…you haven't really missed a ton because I've been pretty quiet here on the blog. So glad that you like the painting and what it stands for. *Hug* right back

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