Shaking Things Up

I’ve been making some discoveries and changes lately. The discoveries are:

*I need to be working on the things that I love to do, and I mean real passion baby.

*Letting go of that which doesn’t enrich my life in some way. It can even be a difficult but needed lesson, as long as I let go once that is fulfilled.

*Conserving my energy for the people and things with which will at the very least will be of a symbiotic rather than parasitic nature.

*Last but not least…I need to get very clear about what it is that I am looking to accomplish.

The changes:

*To help me to work on the things which ignite my passions, I need a clear head. Part of the change which I’m making here is to do away with a medication I’ve been on for several years for neuropathy (Neurontin) from my car accident. It’s going to take several weeks to come off of it, but I’m hoping that it will be worth it. Time is the only thing which will tell on this one.

*Also to work on the things I’m passionate about, I’ll need time. This means that I will be pulling back somewhat from my role as a spiritual advisor. I’ll still be doing some of it because it is a big part of who I am. However, it isn’t all that I am and I need to fulfill the other parts of me too…the writer, the poet, the artist, etc. Catch 22 time…a person cannot be the best at anything that they are doing if they aren’t being the best that they can be to all parts of themselves and I haven’t been. If you choose to see this as me being selfish and wish to leave my company, feel free. This isn’t about you.

*I’m letting go guilt for needing to say no or to leaving a phone or door unanswered.

*I’m letting go of any and all people who have no respect for the fact that I have needs, concerns, interests, and passions of my own.

*Over the next several days or longer I’ll be making clear lists of things which I feel a burning desire to work on and then making way for it to happen. This includes getting out of my own way.

There are a few ideas already dancing around in my imagination. Instead of leaving them at this formative stage, I’ll be taking them further this time around. I’ll be drawing up clear goals and expectations and setting things firmly in place and in motion to make them possible.

Once more I come to you asking you to bear with me as I iron the wrinkles out. Also, I ask you to look within yourselves…at your own lives to see if some of this resonates for you and if so…what you are willing and able to do about it. We’re all here to find our own footing and hopefully to help others to do the same as we stumble our way down the bramble filled rose garden path called life. In telling you my own stories, it’s always my hope that some of you will identify with them in some way and that it might help you to find answers of your own.

10 thoughts on “Shaking Things Up

  1. I totally identify with the changes you wish to make. I'm always working on these things too. I made some commitments to myself when I left WA and it's hard work to undo so many things that have become rote over the years. So far so good. The guilt thing is hard b/c it's always family that puts pressure on me to be a certain way and do certain things and never say 'no'.

  2. Hi JoJo~ Yes it can be difficult to change things which have become habit. I keep reading lately how it takes 21 days of consistency to create or change something in our lives. Seems to be true too because when I do something regularly it becomes like second nature to keep doing it…not matter what it is. I am glad that you are doing well with your changes so far!

  3. Insight is so helpful. Sometimes I think we just pass through periods where we know that if we are going to be happier we have to make changes. Figuring out what and how can be the hard part. But I think it is great that you are doing that and moving decisively forward!

  4. Wendy~ It is. You're right about those periods. Went through a hard time getting away from a place that was draining the life out of me and have been fine tuning to purge all of that and to find myself again. Thanks so much for your support. You're a smart cookie!

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