Feeling as though lying at the bottom of the sea
The weight of the water seems crushing
Being ground into the sharp coral and jagged rock
Until lightness and breath all but disappear
So surrounded by the heaviness that it seeps
Into every nook, each pore, no place left untouched

But wait, not drowning…
Though lying fathoms deep in this dark, cold expanse it’s
More like being a sponge, waiting to absorb a new lease on life
Eventually a molecule of life giving nourishment
Will float within reach and it will be that
The heaviness isn’t suffocating at all
It is squeezing the life stealing detritus out and away
In order that one can rise to the top where sunlight awaits
And laughter floats into the salt misted air, rising up in
Each pop of a rainbow hued bubble breaking the surface.


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