Tarot of the Day for June 12, 2013

You may have a change of consciousness after receiving a message from an unusual source. Today is one of those days in which to expect the unexpected. If you have been trying to develop psychic abilities, stick to your spiritual path and you will see progress.

Trust your gut today if it’s telling you to steer clear of someone as intuition will be heightened today when it comes to discerning whether those around us are friend or foe. Look at things realistically to avoid deception, as it is possible today that someone will try to hide the truth or that a situation could prove to be different than it initially presents itself.

Be sure to pay extra attention to your dreams tonight.

The Moon card is highly spiritually charged. Many interesting things can happen spiritually when this card is drawn. Try to be open for messages; from spirit, from your own intuition, or other sources which may seem unusual. It also cautions us to be a bit careful today.

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