Announcements and Updates

Lately my life has been an odd mixture of a lot of inner activity and a need to keep the body a lot less active due to a bout of illness. There’s been a lot of spiritual and emotional growth and healing going on in the midst of the latest round of physical difficulty and I cannot help but think that it’s all related. That all was exactly as it needed to be. It’s often the way things work, or so it seems. While I’ve been laying low I’ve been thinking about a lot of things, and a large part of that has been trying to determine what direction I should take certain aspects of my life in…this blog being among them.

As any of you who either know me in real life or have been reading the blog for a while know, helping others to connect with themselves and find ways to grow spiritually is of utmost importance to me. A while back I used to draw a tarot card every day and post it here, to get us all thinking about the energies of the day in order to help us all to better work in harmony with it. 
For a while I wasn’t working with the tarot, because I was working on other things and didn’t want to distract myself. Very recently though, I found myself bringing the cards out and connecting with them again. So, I’ll be bringing the tarot of the day back in the very near future, and I am hoping that some of you who are fairly new here will enjoy it as much as those of you who’ve been around for a while. That’s not all though, so please read on. 
As other ideas come to me for posts, workshops, or videos, I’ll be posting them here as well. Plus, when I complete other creative projects, such as sketches, poetry, short stories, or knitting they’ll go up for you to see as well. In the future I may also be offering knitted items and/or artwork for sale here. Keep reading, there’s one more change which I’ll go into below. 
While I will be doing the free Tarot of the Day, I also wish to offer more detailed private readings. You can find my contact information on the right hand side of the page. Please contact me by email for readings and put the word Reading in the subject line. I am not setting a fee for this service…it is by donation only. The place to donate is also on the right side of the page. I am also a spiritual coach and intuitive adviser, so feel free to approach me if you feel as though I may be able to help you in some way and are not a big fan of the tarot. 
I’ll be placing a new tab at the top of the page soon with guidelines for readings/consultation. Please be sure to read it before emailing. I want to thank all of you for sticking around while I’ve been working through what I’ve needed to work through. Here’s to our continued growth and friendship. 

17 thoughts on “Announcements and Updates

  1. wait, so you are staying and going private in the near future… it's not in the cards. i am intrigued, some where around my room i have a book on tarot cards from the late 1800's. i had planned to do art with them, now i have to find them… remember your journey is one step in front of you… i am new to your blog world and i want only the best, now take that step…

  2. lol Jeremy, I am definitely sticking around for good. The going private thing is in addition to what I do here for public consumption. The book sounds really cool! You going to post some pics at some point? Would love to see. Glad you are here and I do intend to offer the best that I have…rest assured.

  3. Good going Tracy. I know you are bringing a "smile" to someone at this time. Im glad you are growing and expanding.I hope you have a wonderful journey walking your path. The sidekick Watson

  4. Thank you KC. I wish you well too. Wondering how the writing is going and hope that you are still going strong. Loved the stuff I read of yours back during A to Z. Good stuff lady!

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