Post to Accompany Today’s Poem ~ Hope Still Flows

Today’s poem is pretty somber in a lot of ways. Life has a way of battering our tender hearts and for some of us, that battering is severe. Yes, each and every one of us has known hardship and heartbreak and I would never try to minimize anyone’s pain. That being said, I think that we can all acknowledge that there are some who have known intense heartache and betrayal before they were old enough to have choices in their lives.

For these people, the deck is almost stacked for even more trauma to come into their lives because they do not have the background to make the right decisions when they are old enough to choose. Also there are people out there who will hone in on those vulnerable souls, taking advantage of their desire (or is it a need?) for love and acceptance. Here’s the positive part of this, and I wanted to make clear that there was one which is why I decided to write a post to go with the poem.

Even after experiencing numerous instances of pain, a person has it within their ability to stop and examine what it is that they can do to break out of the pattern. While it might feel almost impossibly scary for a person in this situation to be alone for a while, it’s what I would recommend. No, not to lock themselves away from all human contact but to not be in a romantic relationship for a while…however long it takes…for them to learn to love and accept themselves. After all, how can we expect another being to show that to us when we do not know it from within?

I would encourage anyone going through this sort of pain to surround themselves with loving friends and family who are supportive. This might mean letting go of some people in their lives though. This might also feel almost impossible, because we want to believe that those who are our family and who we consider to be our friends love us. Sometimes though, these are the very people who are perpetuating the hurt. In addition to supportive friends and family, I encourage people to seek professional counseling as well if they need it. A professional can be an objective, not emotionally invested person with whom we can freely share our stories.

I fully believe that each of us can know love and trust. Sometimes we need extra time and space, and possibly professional assistance to heal. What it all boils down to is that the human heart and spirit are very resilient, and even though there may be permanent scars…hope still flows.

One last piece of advice that I want to share, and while it may make some of you laugh or offend others, I really believe this to be important.


5 thoughts on “Post to Accompany Today’s Poem ~ Hope Still Flows

  1. Beautifully written post and I loved the kicker at the end. lol So many people told me that I should have taken time off between my 22 yr marriage and jumping into a serious & committed relationship w/ Russell. But what they didn't realize that, while I was married and lived with my husband, we were nothing more than friends & roommates for many years. He showed me no respect at all and I was very much alone. My friends kept me going in 2009 when I was at my lowest. By the time Russell showed up, I was more than ready to leave because now I knew what I wanted & I knew what I wouldn't tolerate. I think that makes me appreciate him more too.

  2. Thanks JoJo. I can totally understand what you're saying here about the latter part of your marriage and therefore not feeling the need to wait before taking the leap with Russell. I'm also sure that you're right that it makes you appreciate him more because of what you went through. Glad you liked the ending lol. πŸ˜‰

  3. It can be really hard for us to distance or cut out people in our lives who cause us pain. Most times due to our love for the individuals, being they are sometimes friends and/or family.Breaking out of cycles where were are comfortable and are familiar, regardless of the pain we are enduring, takes a lot of courage. It can hurt seeing people trapped in this place, especially if very familiar with it ourselves. Getting that outside counseling can help a ton!Very true what you say about loving oneself. Hopefully people come to see that taking the time to focus on yourself and to learn to love yourself will be one of the healthiest things they can do.Great post, Tracy. I'm a little hesitant as what the next may be, though, with the title >.< Hope all is well.Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

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