Hope Still Flows

Sliding Rock, Pisgah National Forest ~ Tracy Moore

In dark shadows lies the vestige of a heart which once was open
Its once pure crystalline light dampened by lies and cruelties unspeakable
Every now and then a tiny spark ignites within, allowing a possibility
Feelings of hope flicker through passages once wide, but now slightly atrophied
With each untruth and unkind word, yet another adhesion forms
Twisting it’s way around already narrowed openings, joining the others
Until this place no longer resembles its earlier, undamaged state
It is rather hardened, even desolate, yet it still wants to know love and trust
No matter how battered and bruised it may be, the heart beats on
Learning to love from within while waiting for it to come from without
Knowing that no one else is needed to make it whole, it can still smile
All the while feeling just a little saddened by the harshness of others
Understanding that each person has their own crosses to bear it can empathize
Even as it lies there shattering, almost in shock when yet another betrays it
Hope still flows.


9 thoughts on “Hope Still Flows

  1. Thanks Wendy. I've definitely heard that before and even started that major in college. What stopped me was that back then I didn't feel that I could handle it…like I would feel heartbroken all the time because of the problems which would be walking through the door. Now that I'm older I'm sure that I could handle it better than I could have back then, but still not totally sure as I tend to feel the emotions of others way too easily. Hope definitely is resilient…thank goodness! 🙂

  2. Hi Tracy – certainly the thought of a hope still flowing with the resilience of water, or the renewing of the forest .. there's hope there – we just forget occasionally .. and we need to believe in life and in ourselves ..Cheers Hilary

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