Solitude Needed

The need to be alone started a few weeks ago and I’ll admit to initially thinking that my desire to be alone was possibly an unhealthy thing. The more time that has gone by, the more I realize that it isn’t unhealthy at all. It’s exactly what I am supposed to be doing right now. Over the past several days the amount of confirmations I’ve been getting to support my need has been overwhelming. 

 First, I’ve been in contact with several people in my spiritual circles who have been feeling that same need to isolate. 
Second, my horoscope of the past several days has mentioned it. Here is yesterday’s:

Even if today is a work day, you may consider staying home anyway. Your friends and associates might assume that your current desire for solitude is a sure sign that something is wrong, but they couldn’t be more off target. Making some time for personal matters is an excellent way to get in tune with logical Mercury’s move into your 4th House of Roots. Don’t be overly concerned about what others say; your inner security counts more than anything else now.

Third, a good friend sent me an email a few days ago, which I just got around to reading last night. In this email, it talked about this being a time for people seeking mastery to be alone. Those two words…seeking mastery…jumped off the screen and thumped me right in the head. Why? Because I have been using those words for almost a year now, saying that I am tired of being a dabbler in much and felt called to start moving toward mastery of a few things. 
So, taking alone time is just what I’m going to do…without guilt. I have a lot of work to do and the way that I need to go about it is to remove external sources of distraction. No, I’m not turning into a total hermit but there might be times in which I do not turn my phones on or answer my door for days. If you really need to get in touch with me don’t worry. I’ll be checking messages and email and if you indicate that it’s important, I will get back to you sooner rather than later. Just please be sure that it is important! 
I know that I am fortunate to be able to do this, and that many people can’t do so as freely due to work or family obligations. Regardless…if you also feel the overwhelming need to be alone, do your best to find ways to carve out as much as you can. Hopefully, we’ve all learned by now that our own needs are just as important as those of anyone else. Here’s to gaining peace and the stillness required to be able to tune in to the messages which we need to be hearing!
Are any of you experiencing something similar?


21 thoughts on “Solitude Needed

  1. i have this friend she is mad crazy to be married, that is blinding her to be happy. coming out of a really unhealthy relationship for the last five years, she stayed in it to be with someone. losing the goals and her standards, i told her you can be alone, but know they are people who will love her always. i think i jumped around a little, being alone is good… when you know someone is going to be there when you need them…

  2. I admit that if I am busy seeing friends or family while Russell's gone, then he comes home, I start to get a hankering for a quiet day to myself. I think it's cause I grew up being alone most of the time so I crave it. Even as a child, I grew a little tired of having company and would secretly look forward to their leaving. Of course that changed as I got older and preferred to have company than be trapped at home alone w/ my parents! lol

  3. Jeremy, it really sounds like your friend could benefit from some time with herself. The idea scares some people and I get it. Yes I agree that it's good to know that we have people there for us who love us and of course we need to be there for them too. It's definitely a two way street. The plus side of having positive relationships such as what you referred to is that both parties have enough mutual love for one another that they understand and respect one another's needs.

  4. Hi JoJo, I know that hankering that you speak of all too well. I grew up being alone most of the time too, so maybe that does play a role in it. Ha! I know what you mean about being trapped alone with the parents as a teen…misery. That's when I turned more social myself lol. πŸ˜‰

  5. oh gosh… they were in couples therapy for 4 and a half years, she became the mrs hyde. she was there for me when my life crashed 13 years ago [another story] and we have a brother/sister bound that is strong… since she has gotten away from her life it straightening out. being alone doesn't mean being lonely… i sometimes am so alone in a room of people. i just watch and listen, though the other me used to be the center, yet another story.and for us on the blogs, we care about you… though we haven't met. so you will never be truly by yourself… once again i think i went off topic. i do that sometimes… well all the time.

  6. Sounds like a fantastic friendship Jeremy, and that means a lot. Glad to hear that things are getting better for your friend. You're right…again…no it doesn't have to mean being lonely and I am right there with you on sometimes feeling utterly alone in a room full of people, more so that just in my own company. Sounds like you have lots of interesting stories. Nice of you to say and the feeling is mutual. I care about all of you too. As for going off topic, I hold a medal in that event lol.

  7. Some solitude is great for inner peace. But if it borders around loneliness, then that can be utterly dangerous too.Take your time Tracy. Resonate from the inner you and find it!

  8. Lately Tracy it has been just the opposite for me. Since my move I feel like I have been reborn anew and I have thrown myself at the feet of the great spirit and said, "direct my paths." I'm like a kid in a candy store and I can't get enough of life right now. πŸ™‚ – That being said, I do have those moments, days, weeks, where solitude is exactly what I need, time with myself, with the great spirit.. To everything turn, turn, turn.. Take all the time you need. We'll be here waiting. πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Tracy .. I've always been independent and need my space … so can quite understand your need to for quiet and peace – it gives the person and the brain time to think, mull, work through perhaps without even realising .. enjoy – I do! Cheers Hilary

  10. Thanks MiMi! Glad to he reading about your new adventures. So glad that you are finding happiness. That's what I had been doing for several months and now I've crashed and have to regroup lol. Plus, my writing muse will thank me too I'm sure. πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Hilary! I can see that you get it. The thing you said about working through without perhaps realizing…wow. You said a mouthful there and it's so very true. Thanks for the always lovely comments! Cheers ❀

  12. I'm not craving time to myself any more than usual, but I do have to admit that I enjoy having the condo to myself when my husband is napping, or out on an errand. I used to feel lonely a lot of the time (two years ago and before) but I almost never feel lonely anymore. I'm more likely to feel alone in a crowd than when I'm all by myself.

  13. I know the feeling. Even as a mom there are days and times I want to be alone. I am blessed to have mornings and early afternoons to myself to think, write, and contemplate. I love it though when I pick up my little girl and see her smile. (She is 10 and would hate me calling her "little.") I am more creative when I have time to myself. πŸ™‚

  14. Hi Mary, I can imagine that you do have times that you want to be alone. Having your afternoons…that is wonderful and I'm glad that you get that time for yourself. I agree that creativity blossoms with some solitude.

  15. I think everyone needs some alone time/solitude. Whether to just relax and get away from the stresses of life, to contemplate, or to just listen and explore within.There needs to be balance, though. Just like anything in life, moderation and balance is key. Sure, you can be "fine" and be able to be alone for X amount of time, or on the flip end be constantly social, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's healthy. Only you yourself will know.I feel like I could disconnect completely for large amounts of time on end, but know it wouldn't exactly be healthy for me >.<Jak at The Cryton Chronicles & Dreams in the Shade of Ink

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